Chapter Positions


Ritual is important to any Greek affiliated group. It is something you work for to learn, protect and cherish. It is a secret that thousands before you and thousands after you are taught but only because they call themselves a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma. The first position I was given as an active sister is the Ritual Chair position. As ritual chair I have worked to ensure ritual goes as it always has. I read and prepare to make sure everything is just as perfect for the new members as it was for me.


As a new member education assistant, my job was to work closely with the Vice President of New Member Education, Megan Dutton and her two other assistants. This position quickly became part of me. We worked as a team to ensure that the newest Sigma class would be prepared for their national exam and initiation. We were their main resource for any and all things Sigma. This position was extremely beneficial to me as a leader. It challenged me to be innovative, creative, quick on my feet and organized. It was an honor to help assist the new members in learning about our beautiful sisterhood.


One of the reasons for Sigma Sigma Sigma’s existence is to build strong womanly character. In this position I led a committee of six women to educate our chapter on the Character Counts program. I designed a week long social media contest to prompt conversations among members of our chapter and community. This position was the first time I had the opportunity to plan an event, organize and execute it on such a large scale. This program helped my chapter think about how they effect their community. My favorite part of this position was having members of Central Michigan University’s community ask me what this program was. Friends of mine outside of Tri Sigma did exactly what I hoped would happen and allowed me to talk about how amazing the Character Counts program is.


The Vice President of New Member Education position is my favorite position I have had in my chapter. This position allows me to create a leadership curriculum to present to the new member class in spring 2015. During the eight week new member period we would start each meeting with a different “get to know you” program. A few of the programs I used were the Strengths Quest and a values walk. In this position I also worked closely with our regional consultant to follow procedures and instill the values of Tri Sigma in the newest member class.

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