Sigma Sigma Sigma


October of my sophomore I joined the national sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma. Our motto is “faithful unto death” and our mascot is the skull and crossbones. It sounds intimidating, I know but it’s more than that. We’re faithful to ourselves, our morals, our beliefs and each other. We believe that “to receive much, you must give much.” This is something that holds true beyond the sorority rhelm. Whether it’s a job, a relationship or life, what you put into life you get back in the end. I believe that the women I am lucky enough to call my sisters live that each and everyday. “Jumping Sigma” this fall is hands down the best decision I have made here at Central. The women I surround myself with are the most down to Earth, exciting and inspiring people that I’ve met. This sisterhood is built on more than similarities and small talk. We challenge each other, encourage each other and at the end of the day, usually end up on the couch at night watching The Bachelor.When I came to school I wanted to not only make new friends, but find a home away from home. Sigma has given me friends, family and that home I was searching for. These women are my mentors and role models.

With only one letter, I’ve become so much better.

Being a member of Sigma has lite a new fire in me because I know I have a family behind me. I’m a Sigma today, I’m a Sigma tomorrow and most importantly I’m a Sigma for the rest of my life.


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