Graduate School

The Master’s of Arts in Higher Education Administration degree at Central Michigan University is a dynamic program designed to prepare graduates to work in higher education and student affairs at colleges and universities. Graduates seek jobs in a wide array of functional areas, including academic advising, student life, fraternity and sorority life, residence life, service-learning and civic engagement, career services, and disability support services, to name a few. This 36-credit program is in line with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS), which helps ensure quality of graduate preparation programs in higher education and student affairs.

EDL 512: Assessment in Higher Education

EDL 636: Higher Education Law

EDL 677: The American College Student

EDL 757: Student Development Theory

EDL 764: Financing of Higher Education

EDL 776: Administration of Higher Education

EDL 777: Student Affairs Administration

EDL 696: Higher Education Practicum

EDL 698: Master’s Colloquium

Total: 36 semester hours