Bachelor of Applied Arts

Major: Health Administration 

STA 282 QR: Introduction to Statistics

HSC 203: Leadership for the Health Professions

HSC 500: Health Information Systems

MKT 300: Introduction to Marketing

ACC 201: Concepts of Financial Accounting

ECO 201: Principles of Macroeconomics

HSC 333: Managing Health Populations

HSC 572: Quality Improvement in Health Services

HSC 317: Community Health

HSC 507: Introduction to Health Service Organization Systems

HSC 520: Health Services Administration

HSC 571: Legal Aspects of Health Service Organizations

HSC 538: Development of Proposals and Reports

HSC 544: Biostatistics

HSC 545: Health Planning

HSC 570: Financial Aspects of Health Service Organizations

Minor: American Sign Language 

ASL 100: Introduction to Deaf Community and Culture

ASL 101: American Sign Language, Level 1

ASL 102: American Sign Language, Level 2

ASL 201: American Sign Language, Level 3

ASL 202: American Sign Language, Level 4

ASL 390: Sociocultural History of American Deaf Community

ASL 404: Advanced Fingerspelling and Numbers

ASL 401: American Sign Language, Level 5

Minor: Leadership

LDR 100: Introduction to Leadership Education

COM 267L: Introduction to Debate

PSY 100L: Introduction to Psychology

HST 110L: American Experience

LDR 200L: Introduction to Leadership Theory

PSC 105L: Introduction to American Government and Politics

LAR 145: Racism and Discrimination in America Dialogue

COM 461: Communication in Leadership

LDR 402: Application of Leadership