Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 9.53.14 PMAugust 2012-August 2016


Major: Health Administration

Minors: American Sign Language and Leadership

I currently attend a Central Michigan University in the small town of Mount Pleasant, MI. Mount Pleasant is a small farming town with a casino, water park and busy campus of around 20,000 students. Central was my top choice of school. I knew that if I were going to stay in my home state I needed to find an university that would challenge me but also treat me as an individual. I picked CMU for its small campus feel. Students on my campus are friendly, passionate, outgoing and always hold the door open for the individual behind them. I’m beyond happy with my university choice.

Why Health Administration?

Health Administration gives me the opportunity to serve my community in the health care field. Ever since I was a child, I have been very passionate about making people happy. I chose health administration because it will grant me the opportunity to work with a staff that is dedicated to making a patient’s experience the best that it can be. The positions I will obtain during my career as a health administrator will give me the opportunity to be innovative and a leader.

Health administration classes:

ACC 201: Principles of Accounting

ECON 201: Macroeconomics

MKT 300: Introduction to Marketing

HSC 203: Leadership for the Health Professions

HSC 317: Community Health

HSC 333: Managing Health Populations

HSC 500: Health Informatics

HSC 507: Introduction to Health Service Organization Systems

HSC 520: Health Services Administration

HSC 538: Development of Proposals and Reports

HSC 544: Biostatistics

HSC 545: Health Planning

HSC 570: Financial Aspects of Health Services Organizations

HSC 571: Legal Aspects of Health Service Organizations

HSC 572: Quality Improvement of Health Service Organizations

HSC 595: Health Administration Internship

Why ASL?

Something you’ll never get from this blog is my inability to keep my hands still. They’re always moving; when I walk, when I talk, when I’m just sitting down. I talk with my hands sometimes more than with my mouth. I’m more comfortable in my ability to portray an emotion over my face an with my hands than verbally. I like the voice my hands have over my own. I’ve picked up a lot of it when I was around my mom because she worked with severely emotionally impaired children. I’m by no means fluent, yet, but it’s a place I’ve grown to be comfortable.

Teach yourself some ASL

American sign language classes:

ASL 100: Introduction to Deaf Community and Culture

ASL 101: American Sign Language Level 1

ASL 102: American Sign Language Level 2

ASL 201: American Sign Language Level 3

ASL 202: American Sign Language Level 4

ASL 390: Sociocultural History in America for the Deaf Community

ASL 401: American Sign Language 5

ASL 404: Advanced Fingerspelling and Numbers

Why leadership?

My whole life has been about stepping up. I hold myself to a high standard of walking the walk and talking the talk. I want to make a change in the community I live in. That’s why I proud myself as a leader.

Leadership classes:

COM 267L: Introduction to Debate

PSY 100L: Introduction to Psychology

HST 110L: American Experience

PSC 105L: Introduction to American Government and Politics

PHI 118L: Moral Problems

LDR 100: Introduction to Leadership Education

LDR 200: Introduction to Leadership Theory

LAR 145: Racism and Discrimination in America Dialogue

COM 461: Communication in Leadership

LDR 402: Application of Leadership



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