About Me

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During my time as an undergraduate student from August 2012-August 2016 I was an outgoing, open-minded, innovative and actively involved student. With all of the projects that I took on, I would give them my personal 100%. I was constantly developing leadership skills through the University accredited Leader Advancement Scholar program. As a Leader Advancement Scholar I have participated in dozens of leadership programs such as Connections, Leader Shape and Alpha Lead. Those programs helped me to learn my leadership strengths and weaknesses, develop who I am as a leader and identify ways to work effectively in a group.

In August of 2016, I took on another student role. I began my pursuit of a Masters in Higher Education Administration. The opportunity to pursue my masters came from the invite from Central Michigan University’s Leadership Institute to be their third Graduate Assistant. This position fell into my life much like many things: unexpectedly. I accepted the position and rolled out of undergrad and into grad school. I still pride myself as an outgoing, open-minded, innovative and actively involved student. I also pride myself in how much those traits have developed.

Below are the skills that I believe are unique to me.

Speciality Skills: Passion, leadership, drive, community outreach, and innovation.

Passion: I am passionate about people loving themselves and being loved. I believe that through love we are confident, healthy and productive human beings. I also have the ability to be passionate for passionate people. If someone is very passionate about an idea I am more than willing to help them in their conquests.

Leadership: At first it was an amazing idea to be known as a leader. I was always the kid that teachers assumed would be responsible so they gave me tasks. Those times added up. I became a role model who leads by practicing what I preach. I speak up for what I believe in and continue to develop and grow in my leadership style.

Drive: I am extremely self-driven. If there is something out there that I want, I will work until I reach my goal. I take pride in myself and the success that comes from working hard.

Community Outreach: I am never afraid to put myself out there. When it comes to the community I live in, I like to be hands on and deal with social justice issues. Ghandi once said “Lose yourself in the service of others.” I have been lucky enough to find myself through it. It all began on my first mission trip to Mon Valley, Pennsylvania. Since then I have been lucky enough to attend three more mission trips and both an Alternative Spring Break and an Alternative Winter  Break. I have worked with such issues as “Deaf Awareness”, “Youth Advocacy”, poverty, kids clubs, rebuilding homes and cleaning up the community. Since my first trip I have continued to volunteer in my community and educate myself on local needs.

Innovation: I have a love hate relationship with tradition. There is a time and place for tradition, but as we advance as a society, there are so many ways to get the job done. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ways to complete a job. I was blessed with a creative mind and innovation comes easy to me.

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