*Warning, some of these links may contain sexually explicit material

Tuesday, February 19th, Central Michigan University’s program board presented The Great Porn Debate. This free event to students featured Craig Gross, a pastor from Souther California and Nina Hartley, a still employed sex positive feminist porn start. This debate argued the place that porn has in society, relationships and as a career.

Nina Hartley
Nina Hartley
“Don’t drink and have sex.”

Hartley has been in the sex industry since the 1970’s. Since the beginning of her career she has starred in over 650 adult films. She is recognized as one of the most known actresses in her field. She identifies as an outspoken sex positive feminist. She advicates fully consenting sex and out against the choice to “just get it over with.” She believes that sex is something for both people to enjoy.

Craig Gross
Craig Gross
“[porn] creates unrealistic fantasies that, one, if you’re a woman you can’t live up to; and two, as a guy it’s going to taint your view on sex.”

Gross was a pastor in Southern California for several years. While ministering there he noticed a reoccurring issue: porn addiction. He decided to take the issue on head first and create XXXchurch.com. The site address the problems behind porn. During his side of the discussion he never put porn down entirely. His problem with porn is that it creates the inability to be intimate. Women start to believe they need to live up to these crazy expectations and men expect sex to be something entirely different. He’d rather see couples turn to each other for that kind of stimulation instead of the TV.

This experience was very enriching to me. Since I can remember, I’ve viewed sex as a negative thing. I thought it was gross, weird, dirty, bad, all kinds of negative things. After listening to both presenters talk I realized it might not be as terrible as I thought. It also reiterated my idea of loving yourself before you can love someone else.


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